MG Life: My New York State of Mind is Fabulush NOT Grumpy!

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I was really shocked to read this article in that said New York came in last in a happiness statistic!

I mean, don’t get me wrong…I do NOT love being single. BUT –
I DO love New York. Yes, we’ve been in love for many years now.

In fact, in the article, most of the people interviewed felt the same way I did…so who were they interviewing for the statistical data?

BY Kerry Burke and Larry McshaneDAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS. Article Source: here

A New York state of mind? Try sad.
(Not me!)

A new study declares residents of the Empire State rank dead last in happiness among the 50 states – with warm-weather spots boasting the most satisfied citizens.

The results were – no surprise – greeted unhappily by New Yorkers, who insisted Friday they were upbeat despite a wintry afternoon.

“We’re the happiest people in the nation,” said Roman Khan, 34, a clothing manufacturer from Brooklyn. “This is the place to be.

“We have all colors and cultures in one state. New York is happiness 2-4/7.”

The authors of the study, published Friday in the journal Science, didn’t see it that way.

The rankings were based on an annual nationwide survey of 1.3million people by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The participants were asked, among other questions, how satisfied they were with their lives.

A pair of economists then compared the results compiled between 2005 and 2008 with other data covering quality-of-life issues – including taxes, crime, commuting and cost of living.

New York emerged as sadder than the rest, just behind Michigan and its 14.7% unemployment rate. The nation’s most populous state, California, rated No. 46.

The top five happiest states, in order: Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona. The authors acknowledged Louisiana’s ranking probably benefited from unhappy residents leaving after Hurricane Katrina. (WTF???)

Cheyenne Smith, 48, and his wife, Alvalyn, of Queens weren’t ready to abandon New York for anyplace else – or to give up their wide holiday smiles.

“Unhappy New Yorkers? You met the two wrong people,” said Cheyenne Smith, wearing an elf hat with a snowman pin. “We may not show it, we may not talk about it, but we’re happy. (thank you doll!)

“We have an image to uphold – we’re tough,” he continued. “But really we’re soft on the inside.”

His wife – sporting reindeer antlers – echoed her happy husband’s comments.

“It’s a great city,” the 47-year-old accountant said. “I have no idea why they’re complaining.” (Yea, me neither- if you’re unhappy then get the hell out, dammit!)

Some New Yorkers did echo the study’s gloomy outlook.

“The economy’s bad,” said Kelvin Johnson, 48, a part-time package handler from Brooklyn. “There are no jobs. The cost of living in New York is like nowhere else.”

Well…Midtown Girl loves New York X 100!!!


p.s. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite NYC dolls – Wendy Brandes! Wishing you a year full of amazingness & success darling 😉 XOXO

Wendy the Rockstar!

10 Comments on “MG Life: My New York State of Mind is Fabulush NOT Grumpy!”

  1. I love the city! If I could support myself there, I would love living there.

    I think that the state of New York is very unhappy. All of the small towns in the western part of the state are dying out. I saw a special on tv about rich people buying old buildings dirt cheap because they were abandoned. While the city thrives, maybe some of the other areas brought the poll numbers down.

    Happy Birthday, Wendy!!!

  2. I think Cali ranked pretty low on that stupid thing too. On the bright side, that leaves us with more to love! 😉

  3. LA and Hawaii are the happiest places? one's so expensive you can't afford to be there for longer than a week and the other get ravaged by hurricanes every year… what's happy about that? give me NY any day…

  4. Oh I bet to disagree. I think New York is one of the happiest places ever and has some really happy interesting people. =) I love New York!

  5. I love New York too, it's been almost 7 years but I still don't think it's the easist place to live-but who ever said good things come easily? xo

  6. Really, how on earth can someone be unhappy in New York City? It is the most fabulous place on earth! As Myrna Loy once said…"Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault."

    Ooh, yes, yes, yes!! We definitely have to go to Grey Dog's Coffee the next time I'm in NYC! We can drink large quantities of coffee, and you can tell me all about your "craigslist budget hair-dye trauma story." Sounds like a fabulous plan to me!! 🙂

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