Fabulush Shopping: Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Fantasy Gifts

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Does holiday shopping get any more LUXE than Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book? One of my abs favs holiday catalogues, check out their “Fantasy Gift” selection….

His & Hers 2010: The Metroship Houseboat

Price: $250,000. source

2011 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro Convertible

Price: $75,000. source

Tory Burch Trike  / Edible Gingerbread Playhouse

Price: $4,500. / $15,000. source

Taquila Avion Private Party by Colin Cowie / Dale Chihuly Pool Installation

Price: $125,000. / $1,500,000. source

Dahlings – what is the most luxe gift you have ever received or been given? (include non-material gifts, too<3)


1 Comment on “Fabulush Shopping: Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Fantasy Gifts”

  1. Oh how I’d love to get a Metroship Houseboat!

    For my 16th birthday, my mother and grandmother gave me a limo ride for a few of my closest friends and I to dinner on the World Yacht. At 16, that was such an amazing experience for me.

    For my mother’s 50th birthday, I gave her a helicopter tour of NYC. That was another great experience that I’m glad we shared.

    I look forward to luxe gifts like the ones in this post in the future…

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