Thank goodness its not Friday…ya, Fri night, soo not grrreat for me. Let’s see, so IBG and I met on Fri eve for dinner at a quaint Italian place in E. Village. IBG showed up in jeans & a hoodie (wth?). Yup. We can see where this is going…(look I was giving it a chance, ok)

The place was packed, since it was Fri eve after all, and IBG texts me to meet him at the bar while we wait to be seated. Unfortunately, the bar is packed as well, and as I maneuver through the tight crowd, I see that IBG is lucky enough to find a seat. He asks what I would like to drink and places the order. I am now basically standing behind him crushed, trying to make some convo in a very loud restaurant, while he is comfortably sitting in a chair in front of me. I’m waiting for him to ask me if I would like to sit down (as a gentleman should?), but instead he nudges his chair a millimeter and tells me to ‘scooch’ in…(thanks for the offer – no). I say, ‘I’m fine standing here’ (lie. and all the while some chick keeps jamming her Balenciaga bag in between my shoulder blades – sweet). 20 mins later, right before my ankles are about to buckle, we finally get seated.

The waiter (who deliciously resembles the Twilight guy) seats us at a corner table. IBG seats himself, as I pull out my own chair. (I eerily feel like I’m on a date with a college guy, even tho he’s over 30, sad).

HE: “So, how has your week been?”
ME: “Pretty busy, how about yours?”
HE: “Well, we had this issue with our network and…”
ME: “Wow, that’s crazy. Well, I’m glad your week has gotten better! And glad we finally got to dinner.”
HE: “Yup, only took a few weeks. (aww, ok i felt bad) How’s your mom doing?”
ME: “She’s getting better, thanks. Last week was a bit of a nightmare, but things are working its way back to some type of order.”

So, I’m starting to feel like maybe this dinner thingy was a pretty good idea and convo through the eve goes pretty well until…his blackberry goes off. And yes, he takes it out and starts texting(?!)

ME: “Uhm, wow, something interesting come up?”
HE: “Well, my friend is having this party and he wanted to know if I wanted to head over there.”
ME: “Oh. (so he’s setting up plans for himself, while we are at dinner, for after dinner??)
Well, not to sound crazy or anything but its kinda rude to be texting at dinner.”
HE: “Yea well, I haven’t seen my friend in a while so I kinda wanted to see him. He’s pretty famous and he gets me into all this clubs and hooks me up at the hottest spots all the time. (he goes into a lengthy explanation of some club he & his friends got into without paying, LOL) He’s pretty wealthy too, has a penthouse downtown. (why is he telling me this?) You’re welcome to come with?”
ME: “Oh, uhm, I’m not sure about that, since I had a really long day and dinner is pretty much all I planned for tonight.” (btw, he is still texting while I am talking – nice!)
HE: “Ok, no prob.”

LOL. Damn.

We finish off dinner and a few more glasses of wine (just enough so I can pull off a pretend ‘I’m having a great time but actually very irritated’ smile. We head out of the restaurant and talk about about making plans for the next time we are both free. While we are in midst of the convo, his friend calls. He picks up the call (awesome!) and our convo ends. I start hailing a cab while he is still on his cell. We aim to take separate cabs since he has a PARTY to go to, and he says ‘let’s make plans soon’. I smile back at him while hauling my butt into a cab.

At this point I figure we are never gonna speak again, and put a code next to his cell #, just in case at some point he calls/texts and I forget who it is and why I want to avoid him.

Next day I get a text…

HE: ‘Hey! I had a great time with you at dinner, let’s do it again? When are you free?’

For you, dollface? Nevaz!