Interesting: Online Dating Stats!

May 11th 2010 7 Comments


Stat#5 is INSANE.

Stat #7 is totally true.

Stat#’s 8 & 10 are RIDIC.

Stat#11 makes me sick.

Online Dating Statistics


Random Single Stats (according to census stats as told on a recent Tyra epi)






Chances of a single woman getting married in her:

20’s is … 86%

30’s is … 74%

40’s is … 40%

Median Age of those who get married –  Men 27, Women 25

Also, 1 in 6 married women say they were happier when they were single.

Dahlings – what do you think about these stats…do any surprise you???



7 Comments to “Interesting: Online Dating Stats!”

  1. otin says:

    I am not surprised by any of these stats, especially the lying one. People lie because they feel like if they can get their foot in the door then they will be okay. It doesn’t always work like that! LOL

  2. Yep on no. 7 and n0.8 was kinda surprising. I wish they could break down the stats by demographic though. I think we’re in the same one right – @ least one higher education degree, white collar, urban – the marriage ages are DEFINITELY higher in our group!

  3. Tights Lover says:

    Great slogan for the porn industry: Porn: Safer Than Online Dating. hahaha.

    I’ve never used online dating but I’ve heard mostly good things about match and mostly bad things about eharmony. The sex offenders fact is just creepy!

  4. the fact that it’s a bigger industry than porn is surprising

  5. drollgirl says:

    FFFFFFFFFFUCK! ay yi yi. some of this stuff does not surprise me. i am not having great luck at the on-line dating thing (i think sucks, and so does eharmony — or maybe it is me?). and some of these stats are ALARMING!!!

  6. lmfao at the porn slogan.. omg sis these facts are so interesting its nuts!

  7. savvygal says:

    Alarming data but not surprising. A friend met a married man online. She was so mad. And you know what, a lot of my gal pals said the same thing about being happier single.

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