What better way to get ready for the summer season AND help donate to a charitable cause, than with Lauren Bush’s FEED Guatemala handbags – sold exclusively at Lord & Taylor.  Last week at the launch event, we had the opp to view these uber pretty & expertly handcrafted, artisan bags.

Handmade by Guatemalan Nest artisans, the FEED Guatemala bags are made using traditional Ikat fabrics. The bags are available in an assortment of vibrant colors and in 2 sizes: the “FEED 3 Guatemala” tote bag & the “FEED 1 Guatemala” zippered pouch – perfect additions to your resort & Hampton’s wardrobes!

Under the leadership of Lauren Bush, CEO, Creative Director and co-Founder of FEED Projects LLC, funds raised through the purchase of the bags will help the UNICEF provide daily nutrient powder for one child or three children (respectively) in Guatemala for one year. For every “FEED 1 Guatemala” pouch and “FEED 3 Guatemala” bag sold at Lord & Taylor stores in the U.S. and online, FEED will donate $3.50 or $10.50 respectively to the U.S. According to UNICEF, “Guatemala has one of the worst nutritional conditions in the region.  Nearly 23% of children over three months and under five years of age suffered from general malnutrition, while almost one-half suffered from chronic malnutrition in 2006.” source

For more info & to purchase the FEED bags, please click HERE

What a great cause and…how pretty are the colors???