An Undercover Starlet Giveaway! Plus NYC Events Tom ;-)

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My very dear friend Tanille, creative director of Undercover Starlet, has generously teamed up with Midtown Girl to giveaway 2 items from her uber-pretty collection!

Each is a lovely gift to yourself or for a friend!
Undercover Starlet™ is a chic, urban brand that represents the best independent, creative vision has to offer. Tanille is the creative director of the collection, and she fashions to make young women feel as good as they look with beautiful cottons, bright colors, and feel good emblems. Tanille’s edgy personality and exuberant creativity burst through Undercover Starlet™ clothing and books.

All of our garments are handcrafted from the hand pressing of the shirt emblems to the hand sewn adornments. Our clothes consist of high quality cottons made in America. Our products are made sweatshop-free. We take very much care when designing and creating Undercover Starlet™ Brand clothes and products so that each customer feels like a starlet when wearing our clothes or reading our books.

Undercover Starlet, Starlet Journal

The mission of Undercover Starlet™ is what sparked the creation of the sassy Starlet Journal, the first book from our brand which provides inspirational reading on feeling good and taking care of your health written by Tanille and Dr. Latoya Edwards, as well as space for creative thought expression in the diary portion of the book where owners use Starlet Journal to write out their thoughts and feelings.

Limited Edition: Undercover Starlet Party Dress

Feel good and party right in this soft cotton dress that stretches to fit your curves. This dress can be worn off both shoulders, off one shoulder or on both shoulders. Get creative with the ribbon tie on the left shoulder included with the dress. Let everyone know you’re a star with the Starlet imprint embellished in only the finest Swarkovski crystals!
All photos, logo & Undercover Starlet™ info are taken from

Ze Rules:
  1. Need to be a follower of Midtown Girl, bc this is for my bloggy hearts;
  2. Leave a comment on this post, describing the Undercover Starlet in you!

2 Winners will be chosen (via Random dot org):
1 for the journal, 1 for the dress

(I will decide what each winner will receive 🙂

Wnners announced on 12/23/09!
~Open to US residents only~

Good luck my fabulush Midtown Girl Dahlings!


NYC Shopping Events for Thursday:

Showroom New York: Designer Holiday Sample Sale!

~ AND ~

hayden & harnett Nolita Store is Hosting
Magnes Sisters for a trunk show Party!!!

Bubby & Bags – what could be better?!?!
I am going to…BOTH!

16 Comments on “An Undercover Starlet Giveaway! Plus NYC Events Tom ;-)”

  1. I'm so envious of all the wonderful events and shopping you are experiencing right now. I miss that part of New York. That's why I want to be a Starlet here in Atlanta with one of those Starlet gifts because it rhymes with Scarlet and well I am a Southern Belle. I'd totally rock them both.

  2. Ooh, what a fun giveaway! Of course, I'm a follower – I don't think I'd survive without my daily dose of MG!!

    Let's see…the Undercover Starlet in me is…free-spirited, vivacious, and the life of the party. She's not visible all the time (duh, she's undercover!!), but when she does pop out she dazzles like a true diva!! 🙂

  3. Great giveaway, I'm definitely a follower. I love that dress too.

    Thanks for your comment. I have not to this point tried spray on tights (I guess I've been satisfied enough with the traditional tights…lol). My best understanding though is that it's just another name for self-tanner!

  4. I don't think there IS anything better than bubbly and bags. I wanna go!! And my undercover starlet really shows herself after a couple glasses of bubbly. Ah ha ha

  5. Omg, I'm freaking out over that Starlet dress… my undercover starlet secretly wishes Broadway would just cast her in "Chicago" already!! 🙂

    xoxo J

  6. woohoo! j'adore everything you posted here. the starlet in me? hmmm…well, you have gotten to know me over the last few months…two major things about me: (a) I don't like the word "no" and (b) I never give up. Are those two things very similar? perhaps…but also, I'm not perfect:) xx

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