MG Media: New R&B Artist – Tracie Josephine

Written by on Monday, December 28th, 2009 with 8 comments
YAY for Music Mondays!!

I wanted to introduce to you dahlings, an R&B artist that I have been working with:

Tracie Josephine

About the Artist:

“Music lives with me. It has invaded my thoughts and is the pioneer to my dreams just as God is the captain to my ship, I’m the passenger on his wings. The only thing that’s free and all over me, music has kidnapped me and made me its own now that I have it I must share it with the world.”

When it comes to music, there’s no denying the passion and drive for it all. Singer/Songwriter Tracie-Josephine’s love for music began at a very young age on a small island known as Grenada singing solos in church.

She relocated to New York at age 18 to further pursue her dreams of creating music for a living. Her eclectic musical influences stem from Michael Jackson to Cold Play, from Bob Marley to Marvin Gaye, from Lauryn Hill to Joss Stone.

Writing poetry as well comes easily in her belief for it releases untapped emotions coming from the soul of personal experiences and relations and plainly for the fulfillment and enjoyment of others. Her direction as far as the future is to formulate feel good music with substance and reason.

“I want to become the next prodigy, my heart races for that raw soul, r&b music; I am relentless on making it far, it is destined for me, music lives with me, I couldn’t deny music if I tried!”


Tracie recently recorded a new song that she wrote, “Dangerous” and I love the way it sounds! I wanted to share a rough cut version of this sweet song for you, because many of us can relate to the vocal story that she is sharing

Please take a listen to an unedited clip of Tracie’s new song “Dangerous”


I love it when she sings “How does it feel when I walk away…how does it feel when you lose your place…” UGH, I have sooo been thru this before!!!

Share your thoughts, dahlings! XOXO

Monday kissies,

8 Comments on “MG Media: New R&B Artist – Tracie Josephine”

  1. That was excellent! I am more of a rock fan, but I love Whitney Houston and Destiny's Child and EnVogue, and many more R and B acts. I was reminded of early Destiny's Child by the style of the song. I think it could be a hit!

  2. Another key line is "after all I've done for you." I need to just say, so many women get caught up in the "doing and giving" in a relationship, it can tend to go overboard and it's not what a guy wants. You suddenly turn into like his mother taking care of him.

    What guys go for is for them to be the givers and for them to be on the "hunt". They need to be the ones making an effort in the relationship or they get bored and go elsewhere. And the key is for any effort to be genuinely recognized and appreciated.

    Sorry, I'm being overly motherly here lol!
    Great up and coming artist!

  3. Music Mondays = love! I am always on the lookout for amazing new tunes and artists – Tracie Josephine definitely falls into that category. Fabulous!! 🙂

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