~This week’s SIMC post will be postponed until next Wednesday due to technical issues…No tears please – SIMC will be back next week for shiz!~

Ok, speaking of SHOES…I attacked my bedroom closet last night looking for a Milly Chain dress that I wanted to sell bc I bought it a size too small. Why do I do this to myself?

And after finally finding this ill-fitting Milly Chain dress, I stumbled upon a pair of Loubies that I had NEVER worn. Why? Because I bought them a half-size too smallWTF.

Well wtf they were on sale at the time & apparently I thought the “sale” aspect would shrink my size 8 feet into CL’s size 8 platforms. Ze wrong! Bc as I am sure you Loubie Lovahs know..CL platforms usually run a half size smaller than your normal shoe size.

Of course I KNEW this already, but I bought them anyways. Isn’t that kind of…INSANE???

Speaking of insanity, I forgot to DVR WeTV‘s Secret Lives of Women “Shopping Addict” epi that was on tonight…because, well...

Could I actually BE one?

Shopping Addict or Impulsive Shopper…are you either?

Mid-week kissies,

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