WERK The Wardrobe: How To Style A Floral Dress (Spring 2011 Trend)

Written by on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 with 3 comments

So, the wrap dress is my #1 Date Night Outfit bc they flatter every body type. The pretty pop of color in this floral DVF wrap dress has actually inspired me to buy my first RED dress. Yup…my FIRST. Evah.

Outfit: Diane von Furstenberg Floral Wrap Dress, Chanel Bag, Citrine Earrings & Statement Ring, Valentino Nude Patent Leather Strappy Heels

Do you dahlings have a fav floral piece in your wardy?


3 Comments on “WERK The Wardrobe: How To Style A Floral Dress (Spring 2011 Trend)”

  1. Re: TheFashionistaChic

    This is DVF wrap dress is definitely flattering. Hello, Diane Von Furstenburg invented this dress for this EXACT reason! The wrap dress was made to flatter every woman’s body type.

    As for the bust enhance bra – not so much. This is not L.A. Here in NYC we pride ourselves on looking and being intelligent. We don’t need our chests to do the talking for us.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘rectangle’ body type? Amy definitely has an hour glass figure. I suggest you read ‘The Fashion File’ by Janie Bryant. She gives a great description on the four different body types of women.

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