So…this weekend I was looking for my Chanel canvas bag (for an upcoming vaca I hope) when I found this little beauty hidden in the back of my closet.

Never worn, still with tags.  

Not the first time this has happened, as you dahlings know. However, I am totes making a new attempt at not keeping anything that hasn’t been worn in over 2 years (or things that will not be fabulush vintage wear in the future). Even though this Chanel is def fabulush, I don’t see myself wearing it (plus the lambskin is too high maintenance, which will drive me nutz).

Last week, I happened to spot a woman wearing THE most gorg Chanel caviar bag in one of my fav colors – seafoam green. Which means I will prob sell this bag to get one in that shade. It’s a must right?

Dahlings, how long do you wait before you detox your wardrobe?