From Thursday’s (7/30) NY Post’s Page 6:

“WHAT is the recipe for sex in the affluent Westchester suburbs? Marriage and divorce expert Jill Brooke is hosting a dinner at her Bedford house inspired by Nora Ephron‘s “Julie and Julia,” where guests bring a Julia Child recipe and then dine and dish after seeing the movie, which opens on Aug. 7.

Says Brooke, “Julia Child, like us suburban girls, knew that food is a better aphrodisiac for long-term marriages than Manolos.

Ahh, I think us City Chicks can do better than just Manolos, dollface. Pah-lease!

On Midtown Girl’s Menu: Rioja Braised Short Ribs, Rosemary Gremolata, Mascarpone Cheese Polenta & Sauteed Swiss Chard.

Yes, I can & have really made this. Psh-Shhaw!

Happy Friday dahling’s,

P.S. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DROLLGIRL – hope your b-day was filled with fun, laughter & good times!