I’m a born & raised New Yorker. I’ve lived in New York City all of my life. I’ve been coming into Manhattan for over 20 years now, went to NYU and have lived in Midtown for over 10 years. And – I’m not even OLD as hell. I talk about this b/c being a blogger, I come across lots of peeps who are like “Oh, you’re ‘Midtown Girl‘, you must know everything about Midtown! Do you know where the closest dry cleaners is b/w 43rd & 44th?”

I’m not a Geo-Location App, peeps. I’m a City-Girl Fashionista.

While most of the peeps who say this to me aren’t NY’ers or have been here as long as I have, I feel like they don’t understand what Midtown Girl’ is about …. it’s a lifestyle. It’s about being independent. It’s about not worrying how you’re going to pay your rent bc you are successful, can live in Midtown Manhattan & own your shiz. It’s about doing whatever you want to do at anytime b/c you own your life. And…I absolutely LOVE mine.

It’s about being Independent, Fierce & Fabulush in one of the most AMAZE cities you could ever live &/or grow up in.

YOU can be a Midtown Girl located ANYWHERE in the world. If you love your life, own it & celebrate it – then you are a MIDTOWN GIRL. Period.

Love you x 100 & see you on Monday with a new epi of Ask MG – “I think my man is cheating on me!”.  Heart you dolls,