5 Personal Services / Apps Perfect For Busy New Yorkers

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Midtown Girl by Amy Chandra - New Yorker Apps & Services

If your lifestyle doesn’t resemble Gossip Girl but you still want some of the fabulush perks of the elite set, there are services & apps that offer a tiny taste of how the 1% live. Town & Country mag recently featured some of these new services, which means they are worth a look. So whether you work a killer 80 hour work week or just need some help for your next event, here are 5 personal services that were made for uber busy New Yorkers…


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  image via pinchparties

The Perfect Soirée. In charge of a bridal shower/bachelorette/family get-together/etc.? If your work schedule is overwhelming x 100 and you just don’t have the time to navigate through Pinterest for hours at a time, let Pinch Parties do the work for you. Offering themed-party packages for various occasions, you’ll have all the essentials for your event.

Know Your Wine. Not sure what wine to order on a first date? Check out the Tipsi app. Using your location and taste history, Tipsi makes personalized recommendations at restaurants and retail locations.


                                                                                                                                                                                                image via homepolish

A Curated Apartment. Want a space decorated by a pro? Check out interior design company Homepolish. Starting at $100 an hour (and an initial consultation fee of $50-$80), a professional designer will help you “create your dream space”, from renovations to accessorizing. They’ve worked on start-up spaces & even blogger offices.

The Personal Housekeeper. Have guests coming over last minute and no time to spruce up your apt? Or maybe your date night will extend into something more than a few cocktails? Then book a cleaning pro (in under 2 minutes!) at homejoy.com. Prices start at $25/hour.

Social Life Assistant. For an annual fee of $250, members of Magnises get exclusive benefits to New York City’s nightlife, restaurant & art scenes.

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3 Comments on “5 Personal Services / Apps Perfect For Busy New Yorkers”

  1. This is eerily coecrrt (in my experience, at least!). I was born and lived maybe half of my life in Ohio, total nerd. Lived in NC for a long time- and I’ve heard the complaints! Lived on the border of GA while in NC, knew a lot of people with sickly issues (and I still do..). Moved to Arizona drank more alcohol there than I have anywhere else. I mean really. It became a problem for awhile. I live in Texas now (Austin), and I’m definitely not arguing that one! And .I’m about to move to Washington State .which now scares me a little Thanks for sharing! I’ve passed this link on to a lot of co-workers! Hahaha

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