Dear Midtown Girl,

I’m moving to New York City! I’ve been a west coast girl forever, but recently I was offered a position in Manhattan that I just couldn’t pass up. So now I actually have to buy a WINTER COAT (what kind?). Plus, most of my wardrobe consists of high end basics, skinny jeans and boots (pretty much west coast casual). But I want to update my wardrobe to be New York fabulous, what clothes do I need?

How EXCITING x 100 for you doll!! New York is a city where personal style is king, but there are definitely city girl essentials you need to prepare yourself when living in the most fabulush city in the world (IMO). Here are my must have items you will need for moving to NYC:

  • Winter Coat. You will need 2 different winter coats. One should be a heavy wool coat for medium cold weather, like this double breasted version from J.Crew. The other should be a shiny puffer coat  for those super cold days. 
  • Day To Night Pencil Dress. Since I’m sure you will be perusing the city’s most fabulush resty’s, bars & lounges, it’s vital you have a dress that can easily transition from work day to day night. A pencil dress, like this one from Hybrid, will end up becoming your LCD (Little City Dress). Be sure to know the 3 dresses every woman should own.
  • Structured Jacket. This is one of my fav city girl essentials because you can add one of these (like this one from Steffen Schraut) to almost any outfit and it will instantly make you look polished & put together. 
  • Mid-Heel Pumps. While I love my sky-high stilettos for events, it just doesn’t work for all day wear. Seriously, nothing makes a woman more uncomfortable than a shoe that is crunching your toes & cutting up your heels. #notfabulush. A mid-heel pump like the Avia from Arturo Chiang will give you all day height with minimal pain.  
  • A Satchel. While a tote bag is essential for work and a clutch is a must for date night, a satchel is the perfect in between city girl bag. This Peoni2 bag from Charles Jourdan is the perfect size for an alternative date night bag, weekday shopping trips, grocery store runs & weekend brunches. 

Hope this list helps & be sure to check out my Best of NYC section to help you navigate your way through NYC!


image from weheartit