A ‘girls’ night in’ evening is one of my fav parties to host. Bringing your besties together to catch up on the latest girl talk over delish cocktails & food is something every group of friends should do (at least once a month dolls!). To make your girls’ night extra chic, check out MG’s 10 ideas for a fabulush Girls’ Night In party…

  1. Flower Decor. An easy way to decorate your apartment for the occasion is with pretty flower arrangements. I buy a few bouquets of colorful roses & cut them to fit into short, round vases. My fav place to buy cheap & cheerful flowers is at my corner deli!
  2. Mini Chalkboard Picture Frames. Chalkboard picture frames are such an adorbs way to personalize the party for your besties. You can write in their nickname, their fav saying or something cute describing their personality. These make for great take-home gifts too.
  3. Signature Cocktail. Every fabulush party needs a signature cocktail. Most of the cocktails I make are low-calorie & in shades of pretty. Smirnoff’s new Sorbet Light vodkas match my cocktail style perfectly since they are only 78 cals/1.5 oz & come in 3 delish flavors: raspberry pomegranate, mango passion fruit & lemon.
  4. Candy Bar Table. The bites at your girls’ night in party should be just as pretty as your signature cocktails. In the theme of sorbet, a sweet party idea is to make a mini candy bar, offering an assortment of candies & sweets. Make sure there are colorful plastic bags and ties available (craft stores have these), that way your besties can pick & choose what they want to indulge in.
  5. Let The Music Play. Your gf’s musical tastes may vary, so to keep the mood fun & fabulush, ask your besties to bring their ipods loaded with their fav songs to play throughout the eve. Or, have them send you a list of what they love to listen to and add to your spotify playlist.
  6. Movies We Love. Movies are such an important part of a girls’ night in. I’ll be sharing my favs in a future post, so be sure to look out for it dahlings!
  7. Play The Sipping Game. One of my fav games for girls’ night is the sipping game. I also play this during my twitter #datechats (every Friday @ 3pm). Here’s how: 
    • Make a list of a few things you’ve experienced in your career or dating life. 
    • Share these things with your gf’s & for each one your friends have also experienced, they should take a sip of their signature cocktail. 
    • For ex: “take a sip if you’ve ever dated a guy that said, ‘I’ll call you tom’, but didn’t.” Or, “take a sip if you keep a pair of flats under your desk to change into when it hits 5 o’clock.”
  8. Clothing Swap. Ask your girlfriends to bring one item from their closet that they no longer need (but still love) and have them swap the item for someone else’s. I have so many dresses that I love but no longer wear, so this would be a perf way to share my fav styles with the besties!
  9. Glam It Up. A super fun thing to do is try out some fabulush makeup/beauty trends. Self adhesive lashes, nail polish strips & clip on extensions are all beauty trends that can be worn throughout the eve & easily removed at the end of the party.
  10. Photo Frame App. If you’re a huge fan of photo-booths, then a fab way to share the fun moments of your girls’ night in party is with Postagram. With this app, you can take pics from your party and have them sent as postcards. Take a pic, add your gf’s addresses & send! 

Dahlings, what ideas would you add to this ‘girls’ night in’ party list?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Smirnoff Sorbet Light.  All reviews/opinions expressed in this post are unbiased & based on my personal view. 

Image credit: candy bar table from perfectweddingzone.com, mini chalkboard frames from etsy.com