MG Decor: A Chalkboard Table Runner For Your Dinner Party

Nov 15th 2012 1 Comment

Personalizing decor for intimate dinner parties is a fab host idea. I saw this idea on a wine commercial and absolutely loved it! A chalkboard table runner, like this one from Tiger98, makes for a super fun & unique table setting because you can write down the names of your guests, wine & cheese pairings, dessert offerings or anything that fits for your fabulush soiree. The chalkboard table runner can be purchased at various craft stores and cut to your preferred size.

For more NYC apartment decor ideas, follow Midtown Girl Living Room on pinterest.

Dahlings, would you use a chalkboard table runner at your next dinner party?


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One Comment to “MG Decor: A Chalkboard Table Runner For Your Dinner Party”

  1. Idebenone says:

    Not all but most women enjoy hosting parties. And we love wine. And we love cheese. They’re staples right? This table runner will give you every excuse to host a cheese and wine night or any other meal night. Use any sort of long surface (plywood seems to work best) and apply two coats of paint. Let it dry (minimum 24 hours) and you’re all set. Use it for dinner parties or just as a centerpiece on your kitchen table. It will look so creative no matter where you have it displayed!

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