The easiest way to make your small NYC apartment look fabulush x 100 is with a mini chandelier. I recently replaced a light fixture in my living room with a mini crystal version (pictured below) and it changed my life. Seriously. Not only does it make the room sparkle, but the light reflects throughout the entire apt, making it seem bigger (yes!). I’m thinking of adding a mini chandy to my bedroom for it’s glam lighting & effect.

 MG Living Room Mini Crystal Chandelier

When choosing a mini chandy, you should pick one that is the right size for the room. I chose this one because it made sense for the size of my living room and had 4 lights (more than enough for me). Also, make sure you choose one that is easy to change the bulbs (I def do not want to play around with heavy crystal pieces). 


Check out more NYC Apt ideas on MG DecorDahlings, do you have a mini chandelier in your apt/home?