This week I had the opp to visit ModelLounge (located in the Union Square Lounge),  a lush retreat for models for when they need the much needed break between fashion shoots, castings and the beautiful chaos of New York Fashion Week.


I chatted up a few of the stunning girls to get their take on the NYC modeling scene & why they Heart NYC as much as I do…


How long have you lived in NYC?

I travel between NYC & Miami and have lived here for a year & a half.

What’s your schedule like?

Right now it’s crazy because of the shows.

Do you have any regimens when preparing for a show?

I eat differently & I try to work out 3 times a week, sometimes it’s hard bc I get home really late & am tired but I still try to work out. I can eat chocolate & ice cream almost everyday, but a week before the shows I don’t eat sweets & keep it healthy.

What’s your GO-TO outfit for when you are heading to castings?

Anything that makes me warm, I wear a lot of black. I wear flats and carry heels in my bag.

Do you have a Fashion Week beauty regime?

I drinks lots of water & moisturize to keep my skin clear & hydrated.

Do you have a favorite experience in the NYC modeling world?

You get to know so many people from all over the world and it let’s your mind open up to different experiences. Only in NYC can you be having your nails done & then get a call that a car is picking you up to go to an exclusive event.

Where do you go to relax in between your NYFW schedule?

I love going to restaurants in Soho with my friends. I also come to ModelLounge to relax as well!


Do you have a personal regimen before heading to a casting?

I have a “mojo” song, it’s “My Chick Bad” (Ludacris/ft Nicki Minaj). I’m not kidding. My mom’s always telling me “you can do this”, but in addition I say a little prayer, listen to this song & I’m good to go.

Do you have a particular diet when preparing for  a shoot/fashion show?

I naturally eat really healthy & pretty much stick to that along with working out.

What’s your GO-TO energy source when you need an extra boost (i.e coffee, diet soda, etc.)?

I’m pretty energetic in general, but when I need an extra boost I drink half of a 5-hour energy shot about an hour before (never the whole thing). It tastes like a melted-down pixie stick.


How has traveling in NYC during the winter for castings/shows been for you & what do you wear?

It’s ok but a bit painful bc of the weather. I wear all black – black skinny jeans w. a tank top. It’s a safe & basic outfit for castings.

What’s your beauty regime?

I try to get a lots of sleep so I look fresh & drinks lots of water

Do you have any fav products used by make-up artists that you’ve worked with?

I use L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. It’s a great base and very affordable. You can get it at the drug store & it’s about $15.

Aww, I received that one time in a gift bag and gave it to a friend. I should have kept it!

You don’t need it bc you have beautiful skin.

I ADORE YOU. Ok, what’s your GO-TO travel shoe?

Definitely boots! I just got a pair of UGGS and they are awesome for this weather. I’m from Miami and this NYC weather is very difficult.

What differentiates NYC from other cities that you’ve worked in?

NYC is the Capital of Fashion. Everything is very different here, very edgy. You meet a lot of people here & have opportunities not found any where else.

I was told you were on last season’s Project Runway – how exciting! Can you share a bit of this experience with us?

It was incredible. I have to say it was one of my greatest experiences because just to see the designers sketch something and make something specific to your body, it was amazing. Just the talent & mindset is unbelievable. Behind the scenes it’s hectic & the shooting schedule is long – 15 hours – so it’s rough but the outcome is amazing. You have to make the walk down the runway work bc it’s not just about the dress – it’s the hair, the makeup, it’s about the whole look.

Thank you for the fab chat pretty dahlings & hope your New York Fashion Week is uber-fabulush!