Dahlings…Which Dress Should I Buy For NYE???

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Now that I actually have a date for NYE (finally, LOL), I just have to confirm plans & find a fabulush dress. AND – I need your opinions bc I have no idea what to wear just yet.

Can you dolls help out a fellow fashionista choose her NYE outy?

Rare Mesh Colored Sequin Dress (I really like this one!)

I picked a few options from ASOS bc you know I’m OBSESSED with them, but if anyone has any other ideas please share them with me…please? <3

Embellished  Halter Swing Dress

Aqua Warhol One Shoulder Batwing Dress

Lace & Mesh Dress

Where Are You Now Josie Lace & Pearl Playsuit

I already have these two lovely dresses…do you dolls think either would be a fab option for NYE?

Forever Unique Zig Zag Dress

River Island Pleat Dress

Which one do you dolls think I should get/wear??? Thank you for your help as ALWAYS my lovelies <3


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7 Comments on “Dahlings…Which Dress Should I Buy For NYE???”

  1. I really like the first one: rare mesh colored sequin dress. It will be perfect when the light shines on you and the color also will compliment your complexion. Plus it’s sexy and your date will appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  2. The lace and mesh dress, definately works for me for you period. thats a must have; however its new years so everyone should have a little glitz, with thats said i like the aqua warhol one shoulder….fab chic and glam all in one. occassion correct!

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