And so she left. Leaving vacant the apt. across the hall from me, neighbor chick moved out with her newly minted fiance, so that they could get a brand new apt together….across the street.

Guess moving across the street will help them forget about their past lives over here in singledom world? Who knows. But what I don’t know is why she is the FOURTH chick who has moved out of the same apt.

Yup, no lie. The Fourth. Over the course of 6 years (the first 3 yrs. I lived w. EX-EX), four different chicks have lived across the hall from me. All four moved in single and all four have moved out…engaged.

WTF is going on in that apt? Maybe it’s the view of the brick wall in the back that emanates some magical romantic aura?

Or maybe it’s just…me?

Ok, don’t answer that.