On lockdown in NYC…kind of anyway. So we fully stocked our fridge (on MG instastory) & pantry, as I try to keep our kitchen managed wherever we are (most of the time), that way I have our meals organized & planned. As a mom, this is a job x 100, but nothing compares to what our first responders, medical community, services folks are doing right now.

We appreciate you x a million!

On a different note, if you are staying at a different residence than usual & since none of us are certain how long #NYSonPause will last, see if you can ‘freeze’ your utilities & services for the time being.

Made some calls today & requested a temporary freeze on internet providers & utilities like gas/electric. Most freezes can last up to 6 months without service cancellation & can be turned back on anytime. Check with your providers, as there is no need to pay a double set of bills under the current crisis.

And…stay safe & stay inside New Yorkers!

p.s. -> peek over at @AmyChandraBrowne for fabulush suburban housewife style