*This is an update to this MG Kitchen post

New York City kitchens are tiny x 100. Want to know how tiny? My counter space is the size of the original iPad. Yes, that tiny. This means I have to edit my cooking appliances & accessories so that I can still cook a meal for 2 (my specialty) and keep my sanity. If you’ve decided to make the switch from Seamless to homemade (or just want to impress your current beau), these are the 10 cooking essentials you should have in your city girl kitchen.

Trust me, this list will change your lifestyle.

  1. Proper set of knives. You don’t need that block of 20 knives, just a few that can prep any meal: chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife & small paring knife.
  2. Metal Mixing bowl & prep bowls. I’m not a baker (yet) but a medium-large mixing bowl & prep bowls are needed when making things like meatballs, meatloaf, prepping dry ingredients, etc. Get these.
  3. Sauté pan. Buy a non-stick version to make life easy. This will be your go-to pan for everything from omelets, pancakes, Monte-Cristo, etc. I have a pink one (obvs).
  4. Saucepan. Use this for heating up sauces, steaming veggies (I don’t have a separate steamer, just throw in some frozen veggies with a little water and let the stove do its thing).
  5. Cutting board. My cutting board is the size of a mini iPad but it’s made from bamboo, so it cleans up quickly, dries even faster and will last a long time.
  6. Whisk. I use this when I prep eggs & sauces or to mix together dry ingredients for dinner.
  7. Strainer. If you’re a whole grain/rice/pasta lover, you need one of these.
  8. Can opener. For soups, sauces and anything canned, you obvs need a can opener.
  9. Wooden spoons & metal turner. I feel like an rustic Italian chef when I cook with wooden spoons. Metal spatulas handle food better than the plastic version. (I prefer thin spatulas).
  10. Meat thermometer. This will be your cooking bestie. I use this almost every time I cook a protein in the oven. It comes espesh in handy when you are making turkey/chicken dishes bc those have to be fully cooked without being overdone.

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P.S. Anything you would add to this list?