Every New York apartment should have a gorg entryway. Since many NYC apts are tiny and may not have an offish entryway, you can totes make room for a small area next to your door that gives off a fabulush visual as soon as you walk in. For MG Apt, I’m in the process of redoing my ‘entryway’ space by hanging a mirror that is longer in length to give added height. I’ll also be adding a mirrored console table bc mirrored furniture is my fav way of giving MG Apt what I call the Manhattan Glamour look. Underneath, I will add an x-bench for extra seating. Totes excited to share pics of my “Manhattan Glamour” entryway once it’s complete! (should be in the next few weeks)…

For more apartment decor inspiration, visit Midtown Girl Decor on pinterest.

Dahlings, how would you style your entryway?


image: homedecorlab.com