Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette
At MG, we are hug fans of pet events! When the lovely folks at Febreze invited us to their School of #Petiquette event, hosted by renowned etiquette expert Thomas P. Farley (a.k.a Mister Manners) Dolce (a.k.a Midtown Pups) & I were excited to learn more about pet etiquette (although Dolce is pretty on top of her game as it is ;-).

Co-hosts for the event included Instagram doggie @ToastMeetsWorld, Bethenny Frankel and actress Rumer Willis.

Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette 2

Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette5

Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette 3

Mister Manners gave tips on how to always be guest-ready as well as the importance of proper #Petiquette when hosting friends and family.

Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette 6

Midtown Girl Febreze #petiquette 4

Dahlings, you can follow all of Dolce’s adventures in Manhattan on her instagram, Midtown Pups!