by Elizabeth Mercado

As a nail art fanatic, I have always been in search of trying to create the most unique nail designs. But due to my lack of artistic ability, I usually end up giving up after completing just one nail. I was recently introduced to Nailskins, which not only creates unique nail designs but also allows you to design your own nail skins.

Midtown Girl by Amy Chandra - Nailskins Nail Decal review (3)

Nailskins allows you to apply unique nail art without breaking a sweat. Not only are they inexpensive, but they last double the time that regular nail polish would once applied. I purchased one pre-design nail art and one of my own designs (pictured above). The application was so easy, all I had to do was apply the stickers that corresponded well with my nail size, file the excess sticker off and within seconds my nails went from bland and boring to colorful and extraordinary!

Midtown Girl by Amy Chandra - Nailskins Nail Decal review (2)

One of the attributes expressed on the website is that their nails skins are so strong that they “last up to two weeks without chipping”. Regular nail polish almost always chips after day three, so I chose to test the durability of the nailskins. To my surprise after day five, my nails were still intact without a chip in sight. I highly recommend this product to any nail fanatics that are always on the go.

Have you designed nail decals, what’s your experience with them?

Disclosure: This review is of a product that was given to Midtown Girl editors. All opinions expressed are from personal experiences using this product.