Ask MG: What high heel tall boots and riding boots do you wear with your jeans?

Jan 13th 2014 0 Comments


Hi MG, 

I came across your blog and I’m a massive fan so I thought I might try my luck and see if I could get your advice if it’s not too much trouble? 

Ok so my problem has to do with boots. I was wondering what high heel tall boots and riding boots do you wear with your jeans? I’m desperate to get a new pair and I’m not sure what styles are in and what everyone’s wearing? Also this is going to sound really silly..but I was wondering what do you wear under yours? Generally I wear socks but I have the girliest sock collection, so when I go shoe shopping or over to people’s places you can guess what happens…

Great question doll. Here are my 3 essential, must-have city girl boots.

  1. Riding boots. These are my everyday go-to boots. The best have a low heel (good for walking), in a neutral color (goes with everything in your wardy) and have some type of buckle/zipper (for the glam factor). I wear ankle or knee socks under these. Check out the Target Merona boots which are super affordable. 
  2. Fold over knee high-heel boots. I love a boot with the fold-over option. This way I can convert it to thigh high boots whenever I’m in the mood. A heel height b/w 3-4 inches works best for jeans, dresses & winter coats. I wear hose or hose-like socks under these. Check out these Jessica Simpson Audrey boots.
  3. All-weather boots. Whether it’s raining, snowing or just plain nasty outside, all-weather boots are a necessity in a city girl’s wardrobe. While wellies are cute & efficient for rain, all-weather boots can be worn in the snow/slush/stormy weather. Plus, these are super equestrian chic. I wear ankle athletic sock under these bc they breathe & offer more warmth. If sweating is an issue, I would opt for these. Check out Sorel’s Slimpack boots, totes love the grey.

Dahlings, feel free to email me your Ask MG questions or leave them in the comments below. <3


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