What you wear to the gym can make you more motivated to work out. If you know MG, one of my fav colors is magenta. It’s a statement color and one that puts me in the mood for fitness. If you’re set on wearing black leggings/yoga pants when you work out, then add some color in your tops & pullovers. Pretty colored yoga separates are totes fitness fabulush…

But you know what’s #notfabulush? Guys who are ASHAMED to be seen with you…

In this week’s My Big Fat Revenge epi, Melissa describes a guy she “dated”. While the relationship started off as a good friendship, everything turned awful once they hooked up. Who was once a cool guy was now a jerk who was ashamed of being seen with Melissa bc she was overweight. So she was good enough to hook up with, but not to be seen with…? UGH x 100!!! Dolls, you totes need to watch the sneak peek below… 

So what’s the best way to get revenge on a jerkface? To get fit & fabulush!

MG’s picks for Pretty Gym Clothes: clockwise from top left

  • Aum Clothing Baby Rib Tank 
  • Aaluuka The City Yoga Pant 
  • Hard Tail Modern Pink Sueded Capri Leggings 
  • Chewy Lou Designs Live V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee 
  • Athleta Cashmere Hatha Hoodie (in grey heather & grape jam) 

And dahlings, be sure to check out #MyBigFatRevenge on Oxygen, Tuesdays at 9/8c. 



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