MG Decor: Removable Wallpaper For NYC Apartment Renters

May 24th 2012 2 Comments

source: tempaperdesigns

I change my apt decor every 3-5 years. Espesh since I’m finally in an amaze relationship & live with my dahling (Midtown Chap), it’s super important to me that my apt reflect the current status of where I am in my life. If you rent in NYC, many apt buildings will not let you paint your walls in any color besides this faint ecru/eggshell shade. If you do decide to paint a wall or 2, say an accent wall, you will have to re-paint it in that ecru shade before you move out. Herein lies the art of removable wallpaper!

Perf for people like me who:

1. Redecorate frequently &

2. Are not interested in tons of manual labor…ick.

source: tempaperdesigns 
Basically, you peel & stick large sheets of pre-cut, designed wall paper which can be removed or repositioned as you wish. Now this…totes works for MG!
Dahlings, how often do you change your apt decor???

2 Comments to “MG Decor: Removable Wallpaper For NYC Apartment Renters”

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  2. […] hanging plates on a wall, but their showroom totes inspired me to try this in my apt. This is a great decor idea for NYC renters, since wall color is often a dilemma (most landlords want tenants to keep the standard ecru wall […]

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