When I moved my pink desk from facing a wall to facing the large window in my apartment, it changed EVERYTHING. Now I have a view of the city while I work, totes fabulush x 100! The only thing left to do is to decorate & organize the corner next to it (which I am working on and will def post about). But what if you just have a corner that needs some inspiration? Here are 5 tips on creating a corner home office…

  1. Position the desk area based on window location. If there isn’t a window near the corner, face the desk towards the room. This way you’ll have an open view as opposed to just staring at a wall.
  2. Use floating bookshelves instead of a bookcase. Floating shelves give off a less bulkier feel and can be placed in varied patterns. This is a great way to add your own personal design element.
  3. Add an accent wall. I just found a fabulush accent color that will define a specific space from the rest of my ‘renter’s white’ walls. Adding color or removable wall paper will distinguish your corner home office from the rest of your living space.
  4. Use non-traditional office lighting. Corners rarely get enough light for a work space. Mini chandeliers are my fav lighting accessories because they add glamour & proper light. If installation is too much work, place a standing chandelier light next to your desk.
  5. Transform an end table into a storage center. Have an end table that’s not getting much use in your living space? Place a printer on top and store your supplies in the drawers. It’s a super chic way to keep your office organized (my fav are mirrored end tables, bc they reflect light).
For more fabulush decor inspiration, visit MG’s New York Apartment column & Midtown Girl Decor on pinterest.


image: rexohome.com