Dahlings, last week I had the lovely opp to meet fabulush designer Norma Kamali at her Midtown Headquarters to view her KamaliKulture collection (which is perf for us busy city-girls, will def post the collection soon). Norma wanted to get the inside scoop on Midtown Girl, what made me start blogging &  building a brand with your blog.

Want to know why I started Midtown Girl almost 4 years ago? Read below my lovelies…

Norma Kamali (NK): So how long have you had your blog and what was the situation that made you think of having a blog?

Midtown Girl (MG): I have been blogging for four years. So I was in a seven year relationship and it ended horrifically. He was totally cheating on me and it was awful and I had to kick him out of my apartment. I started online dating and I was totally green to it so instead of calling each of my girlfriends to tell them the current status of every date I was going on, I started writing about my dates and having this whole community that gave me advice about what to do and what to wear. When you are coming out of a big relationship, it is like a divorce. I was totally new to it. I didn’t know how to do anything. All of these people I had never met before were giving me the most amazing advice.

NK: Are you seeing somebody now?

MG: I am- I have been dating someone for a little over a year.

NK: I think there’s something to that- if you just look at male behavior- guys just date. They ask every girl out and the ratio of having dates is going to be high because if half say no, and you’ve asked 50 girls out; we’re being selective like we’re getting married. Why?

MG: That’s exactly what it is.

NK: The idea of serial dating is not a terrible thing. It gives you a sense of what you like and what you don’t and you can be selective in a different way. Instead of thinking he has to be perfect and you have to be standoffish is crazy.

MG: I had to really trust my instincts. I had to weed out the ones that didn’t feel right. You have to learn that there are some people that you just don’t match up with.

Dahlings, please check out the rest of Norma’s interview with me HERE! Let me know what you think 😉