Fine wine isn’t the only thing that comes from French vineyards. Caudalie is a brand inspired by the grapes and vines of a special vineyard in France. Known for powerful anti-aging products, Caudalie has much more up their sleeve. The company has just launched a sensuous fragrance line featuring three fragrances inspired by life at the vineyard. Lucky for us, we were given a sample of each.

All three fragrances have a delicious mandarin top note. Fleur De Vigne, is the first of the three fragrances that captures the essence of dawn when the vine flower is blossoming.

Zeste De Vigne the second fragrance and my personal favorite, is light, bright and sweet. It has elements of lemon, orange and bergamot that tickle one’s palette.

The Des Vignes, the third and most sensuous fragrance reminds me of dusk at a lovely vineyard – The perfect time for a candlelight picnic. The combination of white musk and ginger is a symphony of French bliss.

Caudalie is a unique independent beauty brand. The founder has a personal touch on every piece of the brand. With a glass of wine in one hand and Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie, by my side I saw the wonders of the Caudalie Spa at The Plaza.

The largest spa in Midtown, Caudalie features services that will change your skin forever. They have everything from a red crush Cabernet scrub, to a pulp friction massage, to an instant anti-aging facial as effective as a dermatologist.

And in between services relax in the wine lounge complete with a breathtaking wine vault.

Good for the body, great for the soul and unmistakably life altering for your skin, Caudalie has me sold. Not only will I rock the Zeste De Vigne fragrance everyday of summer, the Caudalie spa is at the top of my list. It’s a game changer for my skin!

by Tanille Edwards