Last week I had the opp to receive a wonderfully delish Triple Crown Facial from Celebrity Skincare Facialist, Joanna Vargas.

Joanna Vargas & me, post Triple Crown Facial 😉

Located on 5th Ave in Midtown, Joanna’s chic salon is a welcome respite from the beautiful chaos that is NYC.  Her signature facial – the Triple Crown Facial- begins with a micro-current technology and ends with a burst of pure oxygen. The gentle & effective facial lasted approx. 45 mins and afterwards…

My skin looked uber-fresh & toned, as you can see in the pic above!

Lovely Joanna sat down with me and shared some info about the treatment & her beauty regimen:

What are the benefits of your Triple Crown Facial & when should someone think about getting one?

The benefits are draining out excess water, tightening the muscle & tightening of the skin. Also, the electricity helps penetrate the products better, so the serums that I put on your skin really get into the tissue and the cells are able to process the nutrients more efficiently. We recommend the facial for any skin type but when it comes to lifestyle regimen, we recommend this facial to those in their late-20’s, once a month, in addition to getting cleanses every so often because you really want to tone the muscle and not wait for things to start drooping before you look for solutions.

How does the Triple Crown Facial different from other electro-type facials?

The machine that I use is cutting-edge. I traveled all over the world and tried different kinds of machines, different types of treatments and I really think this is the best one. It’s the most advanced technologically that I’ve ever seen and the technique is very specific to the way the muscle attaches to the facial skeleton. I really feel it sculpts a person’s face in an amazing way.

What are some important skin care tips that every woman should do to keep their skin looking youthful & fresh?

Wash your face before you go to bed. It is so important to prepare your skin for night time because that’s when your body repairs itself from all the stress, pollution and sun that you’ve exposed it to during the day. Use a good serum or night cream before you go to sleep.

Can you recommend any specific serums to use?

I use my Green Serum, which is coming out in 4 weeks as part of my new skin care line (will be avail on website & in salon). I’ve been using it on my own skin for about a year and it’s formulated from all green vegetables for the skin to maintain elasticity and oxygenate the skin. It makes your skin look glowy & bright when you wake up the next morning.

Do you have any specific skin care tips for women transitioning from their late 20’s into their 30’s?

You’ll find that your skin is more dehydrated as you age. I recommend using a serum in addition to a moisturizer in the winter and in the summer just use a serum. Serums have a lot of nutrients in it, so it’s very important. Exfoliating 2x a week is important as well to get rid of the dead cells & surface dirt.

What is your personal beauty regimen?

I’m a busy mom so I’m very unfussy. I cleanse every night and use cream and serum before bed. When I wake up in the morning, I splash water on my face and put on eye cream, serum & then tinted moisturizer.

Thank you so much, Joanna!

Joanna Vargas Salon: 212-949-2350. Located @ 501 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Please visit for more info!

When was the last time you dahlings treated yourself to a Fabulush Facial?