Darling Yuli hosted her very first annual Oscars party at the Style Coalition Lounge this past weekend and it was…Fabulush x 100!

All photos: http://anaphoto.net

Celebrating with Stirrings and Ciroc’s Style Coalitious cocktails, HP Minis and products from Suave Professionals®, all of us felt like bloggy celebs that evening…

Carlo Romero, the Stirrings Naked Bartender serving Style Coalitious cocktails…

Super cute HP Minis for us to blog & tweet with…

Each of us received fabulous gift bags with Suave Professionals® products!


I won an Oscar for Best Heels – YAY!

For my Christian Louboutin Mini Bouts 😉

Congrats on a fantastic Oscars Party & totes looking forward to the next one, dahling!!!