A lovely reader sent me a link abt 1st dates via email and it was sooo helpful I decided to put it in a post on MG!

8 First Date Tips for Single Women
By Lauren Frances

1: Don’t be negative about dating. Why should a man pursue someone who isn’t happy? It’s ineffective manhandling to dump your dating disappointments on bachelor No. 3.

Romance Rule: Be a romantic challenge, not a mental health challenge.

2: Don’t get tipsy. Always maintain enough sobriety to assess your date’s character. Practice restraint, and don’t have more than a drink or two when you’re out on a first date. Otherwise, how in the world can you possibly observe him and decide if he’s remotely right for you?

Romantic Rule: Always stay sober enough to remember how naughty you were the night before!

3: Don’t talk badly about your exes. I don’t care if he cheated on you with your sister, don’t recite a laundry list of grievances about your exes. This will only make you sound unavailable at best, or worse, wounded.

Romantic Rule: We all have baggage. Keep it in the closet on first dates.

4: Don’t spook your suitor. Now is not the time to point out your physical flaws. Only bring these complaints to people who can actually do something about them, and not to men who will now be forced to lie to you if they possess good manners.

Romantic Rule: Confidence is sexy! Sometimes, thoughts are for the inside.

5: Don’t talk about your personal pet peeves. Although your therapist might get butterflies inside when you talk about how traumatized you are by the staggering number of germs that thrive in public restrooms, the typical male will be horrified.

Romantic Rule: You already know all about you. Keep your problems to yourself and get to know him.

6: Don’t chase your date. Never deprive a man of the thrill of the chase. Besides, it’s so much fun being caught! A woman can always initiate a first tea date, but after that, it’s up to a man to decide whether he wants to pursue you.

Romantic Rule: When men chase you, they’re much less likely to fly away.

7: Don’t keep squawking. Don’t feel pressured to try to fill up every second with meaningless chatter. If the conversation falls silent for a moment, don’t panic, just let it happen. Natural pauses are sexy, and body language can be so much more powerful than words.

Romantic Rule: Remember, sometimes less conversation really is more.

8: Learn how to leave. Anyone can be pleasant when they’re enjoying themselves, but the true test of character is how one behaves when terribly bored, or worse, treated shabbily. There’s nothing to be gained by suffering through a terrible date, so if you’re having an awful time, depart quickly and gracefully, without being rude. When you’re itching to leave, say: “Thank you so much for meeting me. I think it’s time for me to go on home, Jerome. (Smile) Take care.” Extend your hand for a quick shake, swiftly turn on your heel and depart.

Romantic Rule: If you’re on date number one and aren’t having fun, release your date back into the wild immediately.

Yes!!! If you are not enjoying yourself, politely end the date & move on<3

Have you dahlings done any of the above “don’ts” on a First Date???