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Had I been lucky enough to have a younger sister, I would imagine her to be as adorable, sweet and stylish as Nubia from NubiasNonsense, which is partly the reason why I nicknamed her ‘Li’l Sis’.  Featured in Glamour as a best dressed reader, it is easy to see why Nubia’s  personal style is one worth watching.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is sort of all over the place.  Eclectic, classy, modern, vintage, and trendy. I don’t like falling into a rut so if you’ve ever visited my blog you would see there’s a lot of different looks on it.  I think life is too short to fall into any 1 category.

What do you start with when assembling an outfit?

I try to figure out what sort of bottom I’m wearing. Whether it is a skirt, skinny jeans, harems etc. I like the top and the shoes to complement the bottom. Also accessories are very important with certain outfits, it can make or break.

How will you be updating your wardrobe for the current season?

I think this Spring is all about accessories. I’m going to try to start collecting unique pieces; I plan to frequent a lot of vintage shops.  Clothing wise, I’m going for a relaxing bohemian look and I’ll be playing with all sorts of colors. A lot of times it’s a spur of the moment inspiration so it’s hard to say how I’m updating.

Wearing Forever 21 dress and knee highs, Alice and Olivia pumps, Charlotte Russe Cardigan

Does NYC influence your everyday style?

Yes, of course it does! Weather is always one main reason for always updating your looks.  Getting from one place to another (for example running around , trying to have flats in my bag at all time, dressing for an occasion) and last but not least amazing Street Style.  This is called the “melting pot” for a reason. If you Travel uptown and then downtown you can definitely see an extreme change it’s rather intriguing.

What is your fav NYC independent designer boutique?

I like Ethereal Boutique in L.I.C. It’s so convenient to travel to.  It’s located 10 minutes out of Manhattan and you never know what you’re going to find.  All sorts of independent designers, not to mention they also have a vintage rack. Also the Accessories in there are exceptional and very one of a kind. You should really check it out if you haven’t.

Vintage high waisted skort, Charlotte Russe Cardi, DP collection military boots, Misc striped Top

What is your fav coffee lounge/brunch spot in NYC?

I really enjoy going to eat at Sea in Williamsburg.  I love Thai food and it’s really delicious, not to mention the soothing atmosphere.  Also a great perk is Williamsburg is a fun, trendy area.  After you eat you can go check out some awesome vintage shops =)

Where do you buy your vintage?

I often find myself going to Beacon’s closet in the Williamsburg area and Buffalo Exchange.  I also sometimes discover little vintage shops in Queens.  I find that these places have some of the best selections to my liking. I love vintage so when I buy something that I really like, sometimes I enjoy it more than buying something modern.

Wet Seal skirt, gla.MAR.ous headband, Everest top, Studio Line boots

What is the most beloved item in your closet?

I really love this long sleeved vintage gold top my mom gave me. It has a cheetah on it, 2 black stripes, and really exposed trim.  It’s very funky and something you wouldn’t find easily in a store today.  I really Love it and being that it came from my mother is something special.

What is the one accessory every woman should have?

I think every woman should have that one oversized bag that you could fit everything but the kitchen sink in. It should also of course look very good on her shoulder.

Who is your style icon?

That’s a really tough question, but I think for now I’ll pick Nicole Richie.  She does the Bohemian look better than anyone I’ve seen and manages to look very glam on the red carpet. Also, I like that she almost seems like she doesn’t put much effort, she’s just naturally stylish.

I say it’s hard to pick one icon though. There are SO many Bloggers I just Love like you MG!

Forever 21 shoes and shorts, Charlotte Russe tank top, green tank Misc, Pashmina from 39th and Broadway street vendor, vintage earrings

Thank you for your wonderful words Nubia!!! Heart you forevz, Li’l Sis <3