Inside the Showroom: Francis by Christian Francis Roth – Spring 2010 Collection

Written by on Monday, September 21st, 2009 with 19 comments
During NYFW, the beautiful Wendy B of Wendy Brandes Jewelry awesomely invited me to a showing of the Francis by Christian Francis Roth Spring 2010 Collection. And I really, really…


Influenced by the American Museum of Natural History, Christian’s Spring Collection was divided into 3 categories:

Eastern Gameling, MeadowSpringer & Wild Sugartooth

(that’s Christian below, a super-sweet designer!)

How fun is this one!!

Look at the design of back of this dress – wow!!

From the Francis Fall 2009 Collection
This is the Fab Blazer I bought!!
Modeling pics coming soon!
Cutie Pie x 100 = Wendy!!

Had a fabulous time with Wendy, Christian & some amazing fashion bloggers – looking forward to Fall 2010!!

Share your thoughts – which piece is your fave?

Fabulush kissies,

p.s. – Check back tomorrow for another blogisode of the “Single in My City” Series!! XOXO

19 Comments on “Inside the Showroom: Francis by Christian Francis Roth – Spring 2010 Collection”

  1. I'm so happy you were able to come! I hope you come back and try on Spring 2010 when it's ready. But we have to hang out way before then!

  2. How fantastic, darling! Love all those fanciful frocks, especially the blue one!


    P.S. I would definitely take those boots to a shoe repair spot and see if they can stretch them out for you!

  3. So lovely meeting. You looked hot in that blazer, you MUST post some pics. Francis and Wendy put together a fantastic evening, thanks!

  4. I really like the first dress he was holding. It reminded me a lot of one of Jeffery Sebelia's pieces except his had zippers as the trim. Very cute though!

  5. What an absolutely amazing collection! I am in love with all the colours. And oooh that blazer looks gorgeous. Hope you're having a beautiful day dear 🙂

  6. i love the striped pink, greena dn yelklow one shoulder dress and the green dress in the last picture. i also love your jacket! great pick!

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