Thanks sooo much to JustJen for giving me the Kreative Blog Award – awesome!!!
For this award, I’m supposed to list 7 things I love / make me happy 😉

1. Life: I love that I can do something that makes me want to wake up in the morning (or late morning, lol). My career enables me to explore my creativity & express new ideas – how fab is that?!2. Mom: mom & I don’t always agree, but I love her more & more everyday. After she got sick, I realized how much I took for granted her always being there. Her love, advice & wisdom are priceless. And – she still blows up balloons for my b’day when I go home – love her forever!3. Doggie: she is my little fluffy doll and always, always there for me when times are good, bad and just bleh! She is the cutest, most loving sweetie, a girl could ever ask for!4. Music: Music is sooo important in my life. It helps me through life’s ups & downs and enables my creative flow.5. New York City: of course! Besides being a Midtown Girl, I love everything the city has to offer me. It is the International House of Fashion, Culture, Food & the Arts – my ultimate playground.6. Designer Bags (& shoes): Chanel is my abs fav, but I do have an affinity for Gucci & Balenciaga as well. Put it this way, I visit daily!7. Twitter: I am a Twit fanatic – the ingenious, micro-blogger let’s me express thoughts/moods/current stat, without having to write a full blog post – sweet!