Family, besties & loved ones are on top of the list when it comes to holiday gift giving. But, it’s the people that help us every day, throughout our work day, to make our lives run efficiently that totes deserve a little holiday thank you…

1. Post Man – ASOS orders get delivered by USPS, so considering how much I know you dahlings (and myself) order from them, the postman definitely deserves a monetary thank you…THANK YOU!

2. UPS/Fedex delivery person – Who else would schlep to our door, the heaps of shoes we order on a monthly basis? And, if you get as many deliveries as I do, he’ll know what time you’ll be home to make sure you get your package (instead of getting one of those sad face sticky notes on the door). Excellent.

3. Building Superintendant – Need extra boxes? A light replaced? Someone to feed/pet/love your cat while your away? 3 words – super, super, super. Spot him a $20, $50 or whatevz you think is appro – do it folks!

4. Garage Parking Attendant – If your parking attendant knows you by name, has your car parked in a front lot for your convenience or takes less than 5 mins to get your fabulush ride ready for you…you totes need to tip him!

5. Doorman – Ahhh, your doorman. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you know how helpful he is when it comes to grocery, dry cleaning & package deliveries. And, if he’s ever walked your Midtown Pups on a busy work eve, make sure he knows you remember & appreciate it 😉

Anyone I’m forgetting dahlings? Please share!