Every city girl should partake in a day of horse racing.  The lovey folks at America’s Best Racing hosted a luncheon at the Saratoga Racetrack. Celebrating its 150th year anny, the Saratoga Racetrack is a four hour train ride from Midtown Manhattan and is one of America’s most celebrated racetracks. This was our first trip to a horse racing event (totes fabulush!), and it was a day full of excitement. Check out more from our trip below…

A visit to the paddock, where horses are saddled up before the race.

Jockey prepping before the big race!

Placed our bets, the race is on…

The equestrian-chic crowd is excited (totes love the hats).

Worth visiting & watching.

MG Horse Racing tips:

  • – Wear wedges or flats since there is a lot of ground to cover and the track has grassy areas.
  • – Bring a hat! The sun is strong in Saratoga and you need to protect your face while still looking fabulush.
  • – While there are “technical” ways to betting, I went with my gut & chose horses that “spoke” to me. Trust your gut dahlings!

For more info & to make weekend trip plans, visit Saratoga Racetrack.