There’s no place more fabulush to celebrate an anniversary than in New York City. Casio G-Shock held their final 30th Anniversary celebration in downtown Manhattan featuring an amaze performance by Eminem. The event included demonstrations showcasing G-Shock’s incredible ruggedness combined with stylish construction and also announced their new luxury watch line – the metal twisted MT-G…

The MT-G line is G-Shock’s new luxury line featuring watches that combine metal & resin detail that offers the watch connoisseur a more refined piece, perf for the corporate consumer. The MT-G features the following attributes: 

– A polished stainless steel outer construction.
– A ‘core guard’ made of inner resin layers.
– A continuous charge with its ‘tough solar’ power supply.

A perf gift for your boyfriend or significant other, prices start at $900 and will be avail this November ’13, exclusively at Tourneau &