My favorite person in the world is my mom. I adore, admire & look up to her in every way so when Mother’s Day comes around, I like to have my gift ideas ready. If your mom is a fan of gemstones in shades of pretty, then a great Mother’s Day gift idea is a silver gemstone ring. Gems TV is a UK-based brand that offers almost every gemstone shade under the sun and has a huge selection of uber pretty silver gemstone rings to choose from. Since they have an affordable price point, you can mix and match rings with different colors of the season – orange, green & fuschia.

From top left:

  1. Tucson Green Fluorite & Chrome Diopside Sterling Silver Ring
  2. Tanzanite & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring
  3. Mystic Pink Magenta Topaz, Amethyst & Topaz Ring
  4. Ratanakiri Blue Zircon Sterling Silver Ring
  5. Hot Pink Topaz & White Zircon Sterling Silver Ring 

Dahlings, what are some pretty gift ideas for mom?


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