In my quest for #SkinnyMG, I was offered the opp to try out Pure Power Bootcamp (PPBC), a military-style fitness class located in Gramercy. After watching their YouTube vid, I was a bit intimated bc I’m totes not the rough & tough type of girl who likes to get dirty (OBVS). But, their classes work all fitness levels, so I was definitely going to give it a try!

As soon as I walked in and signed their disclaimer, fitness master & PPBC founder Lauren Brenner told me to “drop down & give me ten”. As in ten push-ups. With my coat on…

It was at this point I knew the workout was going to be SERIOUS.

The PPBC facility replicates many of the same obstacles that the 4 branches of The United States Armed Forces utilize.  Scared yet? Don’t be because Lauren & her trained team challenge you with each one by pushing you to go the extra mile (or 2, lol). After running a few laps around the track, we ripped through the one hour sesh with calorie-killing cardio reps of push-ups, planks, crunches, hurdles & wall climbing.

Lauren’s watchful eye throughout the tougher obstacles (hurdles & wall climbing) made us feel like we could accomplish any challenge (I climbed a wall dammit…still shocked!). Lauren is tough but her goal is for you to succeed in your fitness goals. At the end of the workout…

I felt AMAZE x  100.

Thanks to Lauren & her fantastic team for the kick-ass session! I totally feel the burn today & am loving it!

Dahlings,  I think all of us NYC fashionistas can benefit from a booty-kicking workout, don’t you?? For more info on PPBC & to try out a class for yourself, visit their site here.

#SkinnyMG kissies,