Spring Shower Style: Yellow Pea Coat Blazer & Sorel Tivoli Nautical Blue Rain Boots

Written by on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 with 5 comments

Yesterday was def a day full of Spring showers which made it perfect for werking my new Sorel Tivoi Rain Boots. Thanks to the lovely folks at Sorel for sending me a pair of these adorb rain boots in such a fab preppy color, Nautical Blue – LUVS! I wore these pretties with a sunny yellow pea coat blazer, button down shirt, khaki shorts & Gucci shoulder bag – totes Spring Shower Chic!

Outfit: F21 Yellow Peacoat, Zara Striped Shirt, H&M Khaki Shorts, Gucci Bag, Sorel Tivoli Rainboots

The Sorel Tivoli is a lightweight patent leather rain boot, that is not only waterproof but also super comfy. In addition to the nautical blue, they are available in bright yellow, bold red & classic black and come with an extra pair of polka-dot laces for when you feel like adding some extra flair. You can check out the boots here, my lovelies.

Dahlings, what’s your Spring Shower Style?


5 Comments on “Spring Shower Style: Yellow Pea Coat Blazer & Sorel Tivoli Nautical Blue Rain Boots”

  1. I love the rain boots. You amek them look so cool with a pair of shorts. I never thought of wearing that combination. Very cute find. I went to the website, they are decently priced. Thanks midtown girl:)

  2. I think mixing shorts with rainboots is brilliant! I think thos boots look so cute. Plus I went to the company website and people have amazing things to say about the tivoli boot. I may get a pair, the price reasonable about what i’d pay at a boutique or bloomies in the city for a pair. That for the cute fyi mg:)

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