For When You Need Some Writing Inspiration…

Written by on Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 with 16 comments

Cah-Ray-Zee Day!

Tomorrow will be my last outfit post for my ‘Summer in the City Series’, since Fall is around the corner. Wow.


16 Comments on “For When You Need Some Writing Inspiration…”

  1. That's a very pretty typewriter, I have an old beige one stored away in London, it was too heavy to lumber all the way to HK.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT for Fall!

    Even though I live in Texas where it is non-existent 🙁

    But I can pretend that Fall is here by wearing cute boots and sweaters!

  3. A PINK TYPEWRITER??? I d.i.e!

    P.S. Channing Tatum is very hot, but his eyes are a little too close together, wouldn't throw him out of bed if I were single, but not good enough for the List…LOL

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