This looks….pretty damn FIERCE.


Not only does Ben Affleck look AMAZE (along with GG’s  Blake Lively & Mad Men’s Jon Hamm) but so does the storyline. And who doesn’t love a movie set in Beantown?!?! Opens 9/10.

See the part with the overpass? Back when I lived in Boston for a few months, this cute Seattle boy I was talking to carried me across it after a fun night of dancing (my heels were killing me) …ahh Boston memories <3

Dahlings…your thoughts: Fierce or Funny? Will you see “The Town”???


p.s.  Gorgeous dolls – if you have a moment, please check out the fabulush write up Laurie (@eFlirtExpert) wrote for her series on about MG HERE &

p.s.s. – I hope everyone has an uber FABULUSH weekend. I love you tons <3