Rant: Fake Friends…

Written by on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 with 10 comments

Let me just say this…

I am lucky/intelligent enough to realize that no matter who I meet I will always have a group of peeps who will ALWAYS have  my back. Chicks who will always protect me and make sure that nasty bitches who try to put me down: haters, jealous hoes & fucked up insecure girls who will follow & chase b/c that’s all they know what to do BECAUSE…

Their LIFE SUCKS. And mine doesn’t.

I’m writing this bc as a blogger and as a real NYC girl, the older you get, the harder it is to meet peeps who are real and out for your best interests.

IF anyone ever puts you down or makes fun of you – they are not a FRIEND. They are a HATER.

NYC is fabulush, but some bitches you meet – are not. If you ever meet anyone in your life where you have to change your personality in order to make them feel comfortable, or you have become someone different – that is not a friend.

Friends will love you no matter what you are going through, no matter how successful you are. They will HELP you, not HURT you.

If you are doing well, shady bitches will be your new stalkers.

If  you ever meet someone who pretends to be your friend but at the same time is belittling, condescending, makes you feel like you are not the STAR that you are…kick those bitches to the CURB. They are worthless and have more issues about themselves than you can even begin to decipher.

Everyone who is reading this – you dolls ROCK and have an amazing, fabulush life to live. Werq your shit bc you are that awesome.

Create it. Own it. Love it. Werq it.

Thank you to the THOUSANDS of peeps who read MG everyday. I may not know you IRL, but I heart you x 100 – you don’t EVEN know how much you mean to me, it’s RIDICULOUS.


10 Comments on “Rant: Fake Friends…”

  1. I always say just I have very few friends, but a lot of acquaintances. In any big city, it’s hard to meet good people. Many times people who are supposed to be your friends stab u on the back or simply criticize u because they don’t like the way you live your fabulous life.

    Most of the time, I try to ignored them. You just learn to be more guarded, and care only about the people who matter. Otherwise, it’s energy wasted on someone who doesn’t matter.


  2. Oh so true. You are a very wise lady!! I might need to bookmark this for those days.
    But I am very sorry that someone gave you cause to write this, sometimes I really feel like high school never ended.

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