He’s here!!!

Please welcome our baby boy,
Sumner Harris Browne,
born November 1st, 2018.

So…a week before Sumner’s due date we had an appointment for his last sonogram. Turned out his amniotic fluid was low, so the OB recommended we induce labor since low fluid affects blood supply to the baby.

Not fabulush…

But, I was 39 weeks and only had a few days to go. So honestly, I was ready for #babybrowne to arrive. The weight & overall swelling was incredibly uncomfortable…

After 12 hours, the induction did not work so the OB asked me if I would consider a cesarean section. I told her to try inducing me one more time, just to be sure. After another 4 hours (!), dilation did not change so I decided to go ahead with the c-section. I was hesitant as my mom had told me her c-section with me was not a positive experience for her. So I had that in the back of my mind…but baby has to come out some time right?!

Feeling anxious x 100…

15 minutes into the surgery I heard #babybrowne cry (baby!) and overall the procedure took about an hour. I never felt any pain, just lots of pressure (I was under A LOT of anesthesia) and anxious since I’ve never had surgery.

So worth it for this tiny honeybunny…

Baby’s here!

It’s offish been 3 weeks since Sumner’s birth & I’m finally feeling somewhat back to my normal self. I had major swelling (like the wearing-slippers-for-shoes kind of swelling ;-/) & surgery, so taking it easy was required (try doing that with a newborn, lol). That said, new-mom life is definitely a different lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for anything <3

Dahlings, thank you for following our pregnancy journey! More photos & updates coming on MG & @amychandrabrowne.