#BabyBrowne is 24 weeks! I have to be honest, I love being pregnant. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before and it’s absolutely wonderful. And…I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by?!​? My bump has grown in what seems like overnight. I used to get awkward looks from strangers but now I’m receiving congratulatory wishes (I’ll take them ;-). The younger guys at the gym part like the red sea when I walk by, but whatevs, lol.

I can feel Baby Browne move throughout the day and it’s amazing. While I’m getting heavier (I weigh myself weekly to keep track), it’s a different kind of weight. According to the Glow app I’ve been using to track time, Baby Browne is the size of a large zucchini. At 24 weeks, I’ll be taking the gestational diabetes test (which some women get during pregnancy) and a check-up which I’m looking forward to because I love my OB (she is my 2nd, I will post a video of how difficult it is to find a good OB in Manhattan…).

Overall I feel excited, heavier & aware of the changes going on in my body. I’m also so appreciative of everyone reaching out to check in, offering advice & giving tips. It’s been quite a year so far and I am thankful for all of you <3

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Cheers to a fabulush rest of summer and our upcoming babymoon!


p.s. – for those who have been asking, we will be doing #babybrowne’s gender reveal in September 😉