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Attention all NYC newcomers! Moving to Manhattan is super exciting but can also be overwhelming. If you don’t know certain life-hacks that come as second nature to many native New Yorkers, you may find yourself feeling lost. Be sure to check out Midtown Girl’s list of 10 tips to make your transition to Manhattan fabulush & fun!

1. Welcome to the city that never sleeps!

You have just entered one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the world. Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, there will always be a myriad of things going on around you in the city. Of course, this makes for busy plans on the weekend as well! If you love dining out, bars, shows, nightclubs or speakeasies, NYC nightlife is nothing short of a great time. Be sure to check out rooftops for happy hour while the weather is warm (like Mr. Purple in the Lower East Side for panoramic views of the city) or various posh indoor hotspots when it starts to get cold. New Yorkers know how to have fun, so it’s important you learn early on. Click here for some trendy hotspots…

2. Learn the order of the Avenues.

Once you are able to properly orient yourself on the grid that is Manhattan, you will soon learn to navigate like a native. For your reference, here is the order of the Aves… First, Second, Third, Lexington, Park, Madison, Fifth, Sixth (also called Avenue of the Americas), Broadway, Seventh, Eighth (or Central Park West), Ninth (Columbus Ave.)  10th (or Amsterdam Ave.) and 11th (or West End Avenue). This is obviously a very simplified version of what you need to know and part of actually learning these things takes going out and exploring. Knowing the avenue basics is a good place to start.

3….also learn some information on the difference between avenues & streets.

The most basic difference between streets & avenues is that streets run east and west and aves run north and south. For the most part, Manhattan is a big grid, so once you start to understand the flow of things it will all become second nature. This system can be handy in situations where you are trying to estimate a certain distance or proximity to location.

4. The subway is the cheapest & quickest way to get around town.

The subway is sometimes stigmatized (rather demonized) by those who travel during rush hour but if you are looking for an efficient and affordable way to travel around town, you really must set yourself up with a metrocard as soon as you move into the city. The subway isn’t too difficult to navigate as long as you know if you are headed uptown or downtown (plus if you have a smartphone the GPS can simplify things even further). A quick tip for subway etiquette is that you must let the passengers getting off the train exit before you enter. Also, be cognizant of how much space that you are taking up – the railing is not a place for your entire torso, it’s for your hand!

5. There are literally hundreds of FREE things to do in Manhattan.

Because the cost of living in Manhattan is higher than most places in the United States, it can sometimes feel like your options are limited when you are first starting out. But fun & free activities are actually right outside of your door… From admiring classic landmarks to sightseeing in a different part of town, there is no shortage of things to go out and see for free in NYC. Additionally, there are dozens of world-famous museums and art galleries that often do not have an admission fee or allow for free admission on certain days. Get some ideas from this link.

6. Get out and explore the neighborhoods.

There are lots of neighborhoods in Manhattan and each one has a different feel. Of course, you probably learned a bit about your own area when you moved into your apartment. But, getting out and walking around the different neighborhoods, both Uptown and Downtown, is a great way to experience the many flavors of NYC.

7. You don’t need to join a gym to get in a workout.

The West Side Highway (along the Hudson River) and the East River both have great running & bike paths if you enjoy physical activity with a view. This is ideal until the weather turns cold, but even still there are a number of smartphone applications & package deals on classes available so you can stay fit without a monthly fee. Also, you are going to be doing a great deal of walking (whether you want to or not) so most of the time, you’ll end up burning cals on something as common as your morning commute.

8. Bottomless (boozie) brunch is a highly coveted Sunday activity.

Similar to Sunday night football, bottomless brunches are practically a staple on Sundays for New Yorkers. For whatever rhyme or reason, you will find almost every brunch place packed on Sunday around 1:00pm. Whether it be Bubby’s in TriBeCa or Penelope in Murray Hill, be sure to find your favorite mimosa or DIY bloody mary bar and enjoy a blissful bottomless treat. Check out this list of best brunch spots for suggestions based on location.

9. Don’t be afraid to hit the road solo.

Sometimes going out on your own can be intimidating especially in a new city. Surprisingly, going out to do things on your own, like grabbing a drink or a coffee, is far more common than you would expect in NYC. Not to mention, you are much more likely to be approached if you are out on the town on your own (pro tip for single ladies!). Click here for some of the best bars in NYC, where you may meet fellow singles…

10. Always Dress to Impress.

NYC is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and this is even apparent outside of the fashion district. People in Manhattan tend to be well-dressed, but you don’t necessarily need to max out your credit card for the sake of fitting in. From Midtown to Soho there is shopping galore and each store you visit is bound to be advertising the hottest trends. From work to date-night to night out, dressing well in Manhattan is an important part of NYC culture. View shopping 101 suggestions here.

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by Vicary Delianedis @vicaryruby