QUESTION: So I got matched with the same guy on Tinder as my friend. We both want to go out with him….what’s the proper protocol in this sitch?
Thanks for writing in. That’s an interesting situation that I’m surprised hasn’t occurred with me and my friends since Tinder is about location. My take on Tinder is that it’s not that serious. I would decide how much you like this guy. I also don’t know a lot about the situation.

Are you good friends with this girl? Is she being snarky about it? Does he know the situation? 

I personally would let her go out with him first. She could report back about him lol. He may be a total tool and therefore you didn’t waste your time. Guys like to pursue, so if you chase or fight over him with a friend then he’ll be put off. Or if he plays the game then you know to immediately axe him out.

Let her pursue him and you sit back.

But if he confides that he likes you more, then tell him that he needs to tell her. It doesn’t need to be decided between you two. By all means, don’t let a guy come between you and a friend (especially if you’re close). No need for a Brandy & Monica moment!

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photo: Viktor Hanacek